The goLEAD program develops and empowers today’s servant leaders by teaching essential principles of leadership, collaborating with community and school leaders, and providing authentic experiences in leadership.

Why are we doing this?

goLEAD will prepare servant-leaders to enter the post-high school world to be capable and effective leaders who have learned leadership, practiced leadership, and been poured into by leaders. We will intentionally coach today’s students to be servant leaders wherever they go. We will help students discover and unlock their strengths and know their weaknesses to better enable them to flourish and cause others to flourish. We want students to learn leadership, practice leadership, reflect on experiences, and be mentored by current leaders.

goLEAD Pillars of Learning

  1. Academic reading and discussion
    Reading, discussing, and presenting researched leadership content from books, scholarly articles, and other resources
  2. Self-development
    Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, leadership qualities, team collaboration, and receiving feedback from peers and other leaders
  3. Experience and opportunity
    Project based learning through year-long, group projects. Practical experience leading within the community
  4. Engagement with leaders
    Interaction with local leaders in their respective fields, working with leaders within the school, and being mentored by respected members of the community
  5. Reflection
    Reflection through writing, discussing, and analyzing current leadership

Values of goLEAD

  1. Integrity (Privately and Publicly)
  2. Excellence (Strive to do all things well, not perfect)
  3. Humility (Through listening and serving, be interested in others)
  4. Grit (Mindset of persistence, disciple, resiliency, and self-control)
  5. Growth (Comes through continual experience, reflection, and change)