We live in a world that is changing exponentially with each passing day – change that can bring much turbulence and great uncertainty. It is in these times that our society must have leaders who put the needs of others above themselves and provide a sense of stability and hope to those who follow. But from where do these leaders come? These leaders sit in classrooms, walk the halls, perform in shows, play on sporting fields, and already lead in their school. Students can lead, and the moment we begin to believe this, give them a platform, and provide them with opportunities, we will see that students are leaders, and they will lead us into uncharted waters.

goLEAD is a program that develops and empowers today’s servant leaders by teaching essential principles of leadership, collaborating with community and school leaders, and providing authentic experiences in leadership.

Jason Beard, Ed.S., has worked in education for over a decade. He served as a teacher, coach, and mentor in private school education for the last ten years at Mount Paran Christian School. He will begin serving as assistant head of high school at Mount Paran Christian School in the 2019-2020 school year. Jason holds his master’s degree from Georgia State University and his Ed.S. from Gordon College.

Contact Jason via Email: jbeard@mtparanschool.com